What others say

Lee Abbey 2015 - Compassionate Care

  • great to have some reflective time and time to 'step off'
  • excellent conference with time to network


Scargill 2013 - Accompanying the Dying

  • quite an astonishing and refreshing experience (doctor)
  • reinforced for me the need to be a good listener and the power of being heard even when things do not change (counsellor)
  • time to think about how the person I am and the experiences I have underpin what I do (nurse)


Scargill 2012 - Still Point in a Changing World

  • so worthwhile me being here in everyway (nurse)
  • it was educational, exciting and full of love (chaplain)
  • a blessing to be here (chaplain)
  • inspirational and very helpful (doctor)
  • it was such an honour to represent my hospice. I immediately felt welcome and realised that whatever department or part of the world we come from we all have a common bond - to improve our practice and demonstrate loving care to those we are privileged to look after (nurse)
  • the conference was well organised, informative and educative - more to come in the future (nurse)
  • a lovely conference with a well balanced mix of information along with time for reflection and renewal (team administrator)
  • I really enjoyed the conference, it gave me inspiration and the will to do things and accomplish them (nurse)
  • an excellent conference in all respects, I have found renewal of faith here in a loving uncritical atmosphere (chaplain)
  • encouraging and motivating (nurse)