hospice23 has recently become a membership organisation. We are in the process of updating our information leaflets which will give more details on what this means to our existing contacts and friends, and how new people can support us. 

We welcome everyone working within palliative care, and long to find new ways of offering staff support. We offer an annual conference, at which we have sessions led by experienced speakers, as well as time to reflect on work, time to discuss with colleagues,  time for spiritual space, time to eat and to laugh, time to learn, and finally time to make those decisions that need making. 

We would love to be involved in more study days, local gatherings, and retreats, but need your support and ideas to achieve this

Our overall running costs are not great, but we do value a small donation with membership to help with these, and also bring to your attention our Prue Dufour Memorial Fund which is used to support visitors, mostly from overseas, to join us at our conferences.