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Mark 10.46-52

“Take heart; rise, he is calling you.” (v. 49)

Bartimaeus, a blind beggar, is sitting by the roadside. He is outside the city, outside the community. He is marginalized in every sense, not just because of his blindness and poverty. Then, to add insult to injury, when he hears Jesus is coming along the road and calls out to him, the crowds turn and tell him to be silent.

We can feel similarly silenced either by the impact of an illness and its symptoms, or by those around us, who, unable to respond to our situation, drift away, and leave us by the roadside to fend for ourselves. We have all encountered the well-meaning, the indifferent, the insulting and the scared. After a time, if we are constantly marginalised, when asked ‘How are you?’ we find we are silenced into a bland reply because we cannot face being hurt again by more insensitivity.

Bartimaeus, though, has the courage to ignore the demand that he be silent. He cries out for Jesus even more loudly. Jesus stops, and tells those who have just been calling ‘Silence!’ to change their call to ‘Come!’

Jesus stops for us. He hears our inner cry when no one else can. ‘Take heart; rise, he is calling you.’ Those words are our invitation too.

Holy Lord,
You heard Bartimaeus and you called him, Setting him free to follow you.
Grant me that same loving call,
That I may overcome the silencing of others And find my own way. 

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