About Hospice23

Hospice23 is a network founded on christian love and faith that actively explores how to meet the holistic needs - both professional and personal - of anyone working within palliative and end of life care.’ 

Hospice23 takes a three pronged approach to supporting professionals and volunteers.

Hospice23 In-Person 

Hospice23 has traditionally run an annual multi-disciplinary conference, which will next be taking place on Saturday 30 April, 2022 . For more information click here.

Conferences provides an opportunity to gather professionals and volunteers working within palliative and end of life care in a beautiful and relaxed setting. It is a unique, holistic conference where there is an opportunity to learn from peers, share good and innovative practice and, importantly, have time and space for personal refreshment and restoration, returning to the workplace re-envisioned for work.







What stands out for me is the breadth of the conference... practical ideas...more understanding...personal reflection...it offered a unique combination of excellent teaching and spiritual refreshment’ - Hospice Medical Director 

‘The Hospice 23 conference is a unique blend of disciplines, approaches and people. It’s hard to think of another conference where we all make art, write songs and poems while at the same time discuss many of the big issues facing end of life care. I found it inspiring and challenging but also strategically astute and helpful on many practical levels. There is a clear spiritual thread throughout the weekend that is careful to leave plenty of room for those of us who are most comfortable simply wondering. Thank you.’ - Arts Therapist

Online Pauses

This is an online network, for those who wish to maintain contact with Hospice23, gain support, and continue connections between conferences. This network has resources, a forum to gain helpful advice and blog posts from invited contributors. Online Pauses take place monthly and you can find out more here.  

A brief background to Hospice23 

Hospice23 (Originally known as St Columba’s Fellowship) was founded in 1986 by Prue Dufour (then Prue Clench). Born in 1942 into the family of a nurse and hospital chaplain, she subsequently combined both vocations in her own life, and became a hospice care pioneer nationally and internationally.

In 1977 Prue left the NHS where she was working as a nurse, setting up a charity in Bath to care exclusively for the terminally ill, initially in their own homes. Just two years later Dorothy House, a six bed in-patient unit, was opened. In 1986, concerned that the original ethos of hospice care was being forgotten, Prue founded St Columba’s Fellowship ‘to promote and sustain the Christian foundation on which hospice care is based’.

The work of the foundation has developed over more than thirty years and is known today as ‘Hospice23’. At its core is the original christian foundation and the aim is to encourage, refresh and build up anyone working professionally or voluntarily within palliative care and end of life care. Hospice23 incorporates the principles that Prue Dufour laid down, of compassion, spirituality, care, diversity and innovation. 

Our Trustees 

Catherine D’Souza

Miranda Flory

Bob Heath

Jane Lings - Chair

Marina O’Brien - Treasurer