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‘Working with Change’ 2019 Conference

Change is inevitable/unavoidable.  It affects every one of us at every point or moment in our lives.  But why does it sometimes invigorate, sometimes inhibit? How do we respond and when do we master the changes around us?  How should we embrace and enable change for ourselves and others?
‘Working with change’ is the theme of this year’s hospice 23 conference.

This residential conference, suitable for anyone working in palliative, end of life and bereavement care will explore the issues and challenges involved in the multiple experiences of change faced by patients and staff. 

Hospice23 has a Christian foundation and the conference ethos is holistic with an inclusive, innovative and inquisitive approach.  It includes presentations, workshops, discussions and experiential sessions led by experts and experienced practitioners.  At the end of each day there will be an inclusive reflective space based in Ignatian spirituality suitable for anyone to attend if they wish.

The aim of the conference is that delegates would leave feeling encouraged, inspired and recharged.


Friday 8th November

12.30pm - Registration and Lunch

1.45pm - Welcome 

2pm - Courage to change - Martin Howden 

3pm - Planning for Change - Advance Care Planning Clinic - Miranda Flory

4pm - Break Time and receive room keys

4.30pm - Ageing and Illness related change: developing spiritual practices to support engagement - Katherine Froggatt and Hugh Kidd

5.30pm - “Dear Diary, what a day it’s been...” a workshop exploring creative approaches to accommodating change - Bob Heath

6.30pm - Meal Time 

7.45pm - Reflective space - Katherine Froggatt and Hugh Kidd


Saturday 9th November

8am - Breakfast

9am - Not throwing the baby out with the bath water: the changing face of spirituality in patient care - Martin Hill

10am - Diagnostic Change: a patient, their decision and the law - Catherine Leask

11am - Break time

11.30am - Exploring the changes of bereavement and loss - Jane Lings

12.30pm - Lunch

1.30pm - Reflective Space
               Inside: Art Materials will be available 
               Outside: Labyrinth, walking in the grounds

3.30pm - Changes for Hospice23 and AGM

4pm - Break Time 

4.30pm - What needs to change? - Overseas Visitors

5.30pm - Coping with change - Complimentary therapy supporting patients and careers - Speaker TBC

6.30pm - Evening Meal

7.30pm - Reflective space - Katherine Froggatt and Hugh Kidd 


Sunday 10th November 

8am - Breakfast

9.15am - Changing Access to Palliative Care service - Caroline Mundy

10.15am - Transformation through creative enquiry: Understanding ourselves and understanding our patients - Louise Younie

11.15am - Break Time

11.45am - Panel Discussion with conference speakers

1pm - Lunch and Depart


After the conference you will be awarded 14 CPD Points