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Reflections on the Advent Pause


Reset, Reflection, Rebalance 


On the evening of December 10th Miranda Flory led the hospice23 online Advent Pause. It gave us an opportunity to meet, to reflect, to write, to share.  Feedback from many participants suggests that it was it was a valuable and supportive experience.

We comprised a mix of backgrounds and disciplines, all of us connected, directly or indirectly, with palliative and end of life care. Some of us had met at conferences in previous years, some had little recent contact with hospice23.  

This summary written after the event gives you a flavour of the format of the evening. 

Having not been to a Hospice 23 event since I attended a 2 day conference at Lee Abbey 5 yrs ago, I accepted the invitation to partake in the planned Reset- Reflect- Rebalance 'ADVENT PAUSE’ last Thursday, with little expectation other than appeasing my curiosity. 

It was not that I hadn’t thought of going to another in person conference but in the years since 2015 they have been held in places that were just the wrong direction for me. So as I am one of the weird ones who really enjoys Zoom calls, it was with a hidden delight that here was an opportunity to so easily re-engage with what I feel is such an important mission.. but what I had feared, purely due to it’s small size, might be a ‘fragile' organisation.

What I entered into was far from fragile.. it was in fact, joyously robust….. 

From the moment of welcome, through to the end (that came far too quickly), there was a warmth of community that bound us together, along with a friendliness that wonderfully exuded through the laptop screen and was almost tangible.

The time spent ‘Pausing' was beautifully orchestrated and gave space for a healthy assortment of things.. from sharing our involvement in End of Life and making connections.. to personal reflection, silence and meditation.. with an opportunity for creativity, and even fitting in some small group discussion.   

I came away wanting more.. always the best way to leave anything!! 

But I also took with me a sense of ‘Belonging’ which after 60 minutes was an unexpected gift.. Plus I was left with a desire to get to know this group better and an appetite to learn from them.. and to explore TOGETHER. 

I look forward to the next Zoom meeting on January 14th.




    Undo your top button

    Slip off your shoes

    Exhale your day

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Future Online Meetings

We hope you might decide to join us for a hospice23 online New Year Pause on January 14th at 7.30.  Please get in touch if you would like attend the next meeting:  info@hospice23.org

Future dates for 2021 are: 14/1, 11/2 & 11/3